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Connections between water and life are absolute. Water destructs, energizes, and heals; transforming all life and spirit.

My newest collection is themed “Water”. Since I was a young girl, I remember submersing myself in the town’s municipal swimming pool and feeling a sense of comfort as the water cocooned around me. Muffling or silencing all sound, dunking myself underwater offered an immediate transitory escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowded pool

In Japan, water is considered a vital part of daily reflection, every park has a stream, pond and/or waterfalls to offer a visual and auditory sense of calm. Onsens are used for healing after strenuous exercise or a long day/week. They are also venues for social gathering amongst friends and family – another escape from the “daily” grind of life. Not only unique to Japan; hot mineral springs are used all over the world for the healing of the soul and spirit.

Who among us has never taken to the “bath” for solitude and respite?

Ocean water has always lent a salty and mineral flavor to beaches; which have proven to offer healthful benefits, mental and physical. Going to the “beach” is a popular vacation and past time for everyone.

Meanwhile, in destinations such as Alaska, Iceland and Scandinavia water takes other forms, which offer a visual feast and ecosystems unique from tropical waters. Glacial Ice melting into surrounding water gives it a beautiful opaque blue – different from the turquoise of the water at the equator. Glacial water streams and waterfalls can be found in Ice Caves. The sheer remoteness of these areas, the surrounding wildlife and water formations offer a vastly different human experience when compared to the tropical venues of beaches nearer to the equator.

In “Water”, I strive to capture the impact of water on the human condition; while also depicting its untamed energy. Watching water flow is meditative. Vibrations of crashing water bring me comfort. The sounds of waves offer me music. Its formations leave me awestruck.

My paintings offer the essence of these interactions; while respecting the simple power of Water’s breath to all life.


Please note: This collection will be showing at the BMW Gallery in Osaka, Japan from August 30, 2018 into September. Further information on these paintings can be found at www.rshah-studio.com/Portfolio/


Peace. ART. SouL.



Black & Ice
Acrylic & Silver Leaf on Canvas
92 x 72cm


Memories of Hokusai VI
Acrylic & Silver Leaf on Canvas
160 x 140cm


Oceans Below
Acrylic on Canvas
92 x 72cm










Waters Fall
Acrylic & Silver Leaf on Canvas
92 x 61cm


  • Nancy Reyner
    September 5, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    Loved your article and the paintings are stunningly beautiful! The exhibition must be wonderful – wish I could see them in person.

  • Charles Jaranilla
    September 4, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Wonderful article!

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