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The Sumi-E Influence

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The Sumi-E Influence

I have been studying the Japanese brush painting art of Sumi-E for the past 2 years with 3rd and 4th generation Japanese Sumi-E artists, Shoko and Seiko Ohta – a mother/daughter team. http://www.toriizakaart.com/Artists/ShokoandSuikoOhta/Available-Shoko-and-Suiko-Ohta/.  While Sumi-E is typically a black/white based art, the use of the brush to illustrate color is fascinating.  What I love most is the use of gold and silver metallics in the colored paintings.  I love way the gold and silver reflect light and highlight the paintings in a delicate, yet very bold manner.  I am finding ways to incorporate this with oil and having great fun!

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