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Artistic Evolution

Back in August when I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico on my Artist Retreat, I spent a wonderful afternoon with Nancy Reyner (www.nancyreyner.com) and wrote about it my September blog.    https://www.rshah-studio.com/even-artists-need-a-retreat/   Nancy is one of my favorite and admired artists – it was her YouTube video that taught me how to apply gold leaf (or any leaf) to a substrate (a summary term for the various surfaces artist paint on, such as canvas, wood panel, etc.).   Long story short – Nancy is one of the most knowledgeable experts I have found regarding the use of acrylic painting.  Her instructional videos (available online and easy to follow for any painter, even if you are a beginner) really inspired me...

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Connections between water and life are absolute. Water destructs, energizes, and heals; transforming all life and spirit. My newest collection is themed “Water”. Since I was a young girl, I remember submersing myself in the town’s municipal swimming pool and feeling a sense of comfort as the water cocooned around me. Muffling or silencing all sound, dunking myself underwater offered an immediate transitory escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowded pool In Japan, water is considered a vital part of daily reflection, every park has a stream, pond and/or waterfalls to offer a visual and auditory sense of calm. Onsens are used for healing after strenuous exercise or a long day/week. They are also venues for social gathering amongst friends...

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