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According to the dictionary, a Horizon is “the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet.”  It is also “the limit of a person’s knowledge, experience, or interest”.   As human beings we seek to reach beyond our Horizons as we reflect upon our life goals, contemplate our mistakes and envision our success. We instinctively look up, beyond our immediate periphery as if gazing into a distant space. Endlessly, we seek views of the sun and the moon as they rise and set over land, water, the mountains or a city skyline. When we find these elements, we pause, we breathe, we reflect. We digress from our immediate focus and take a moment to “reset”; before turning our attention back to our immediate present.


Abstract-fully Yours

Color – it’s all around us – in forms, shapes, smells, emotions. We look at a scene and our eyes interpret the color, our mind identifies the scene; but, our hearts translate all of it into emotion. Emotions that bring us peace, calm, joy, stimulation and leave us wanting to more; to view the images over and over again. In this series, the artist uses a combination of techniques to create unique pieces of artwork.  The unpredictability of the Acrylic Pour lays the foundation.  In this stage of the process, the only controllable aspect of the composition are the colors chosen.  This serves as the background for subsequent layers of texture, acrylic and/or oil to finish off the final piece.  The uniqueness of the Pour in the first stages is impossible to reproduce.  Each painting is distinct and individual.


The Fuji Collection

The perfect symmetry of Mt. Fuji against the Japanese skyline is known to every artist.  A dormant volcano, a giver and taker of life – creator and destroyer with the power of a god.  Reverence given to “Fuji-San” by the Japanese people is an expression of love and respect represented in many historical and contemporary works, including Ukiyo-e, the art of Japanese Woodblock Printing.  After living in Japan for 6 years, I have also come to view this sacred mountain as a constant present in daily life as it greets me every morning and evening – always towering above as a Protector.  I strive to interpret these mystical interpretations of this mountain as inspired from this realization, as well as inspired by Hokusai’s Japanese Woodblock Prints.