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Memories of Hokusai II

Rshah-Studio / Memories of Hokusai II
Memories of Hokusai II

Size : 19 7/10 × 15 7/10 in; 50 × 40 cm

Year : 2017

Price : ¥100,000

The Fuji Collection

The perfect symmetry of Mt. Fuji against the Japanese skyline is evident to every artist.  A dormant volcano, it is a giver and taker of life – a creator and a destroyer with the power of a god.  The reverence of “Fuji-san” by the Japanese people is an expression of love and respect that is represented in many historical and contemporary artworks, including Ukiyo-e, the art of Japanese Woodblock Printing. After living in Japan for 5 years, Rajul’s appreciation is shown in her own mystical interpretations of Fuji-San as inspired by her personal views; as well as Hokusai Japanese Woodblock Prints.

March 12, 2018
Fuji Collection
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