If you would like to have your favorite, “escape” and calming experience captured in a painting, send me a photo of your favorite landscape or memory, tell me why you love it. I will give you a painting that captures the essence of your experience.

Please fill out the form below. Upon contact, I will call/email you to discuss size of canvas, style, color, etc.

Prices for a commission start at $1,200 USD for a painting sized 50 x 60cm (20 x 25 inches). Based on materials and size, price will change accordingly. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on commissions.

Earth & Sky VI

Acrylic on Canvas

140 x 100cm


Client wanted a “Statement” for the Reception are of the office.  After viewing “Earth & Sky II” and “Water, Mountain, Clouds”, the request was for a similar painting,  “Blue” was a part of the office logo.

The Golden Pavilion/ Kinkaku-Ji Kyoto Japan

OIl & Gold Leaf on Canvas

65 x 50cm


A national landmark painted in gold leaf as part of a reconstruction; the Golden Pavilion was originally a family villa later converted into a Zen Buddhist temple upon the owner’s death. A World Heritage site and an iconic symbol of travels in Japan – the client wanted to preserve the memory of being awestruck when seeing it in person. Since the client did not have a photograph, the couple chose a photograph from my collection as a template for the composition. This was done with Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas. The Gold Leaf is being applied as a background for the Pavilion itself – as it is “gold”.

Fuji’s Diamond

Acrylic on Canvas

50 x 40cm



The client wanted a depiction of his favorite Mt. Fuji scene – when the sun rises/sets right over the sacred mountain.