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Still can’t forget that “restful, beautiful sandy beach”, “inspirational sunrise”, “romantic sunset”, “rustic rice paddy”, “invigorating mountain wonderland”, “ancient temple”, or “peaceful lake”?  Have your favorite, inspiring experience captured in a painting!


OR; do you just have a place on your “Bucket List” that you haven’t traveled to yet?


Send me a photo of your favorite landscape or memory, tell me why you love it and why it’s on your bucket list!  I will give you a painting that captures the essence of your experience.


Don’t have a photo? Feel free to choose one from my many travels!


Please fill out the form below and indicate whether you have a photo or would like to use one of mine.  Upon contact, I will call/email you to discuss the photo you send so I understand why you love the landscape.  We will discuss size of canvas, style, color and I will send studies and photos with updates on how your painting is coming along!


Prices for a commission start at $1,100 for a painting sized 50 x 60cm (approximately 20 x 25 inches).  Based on materials and size, price will change accordingly. A 50% deposit is required on commissions.


Examples of commissioned paintings are included below; including one in progress!



The Golden Pavilion or Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Japan.


A national landmark painted in gold leaf as part of a reconstruction; originally a family villa later converted into a Zen Buddhist temple upon the owner’s death.   A World Heritage site and an iconic symbol of travels in Japan – the client wants to preserve the memory of being awestruck when seeing it in person.  This is a photograph from my collection, chosen by the client as a template for the composition – which is being done in Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas.  The Gold Leaf is being applied as a background for the Pavilion itself – as it is “gold”.


Be sure to check back for the completed version!





Title: “Fuji’s Diamond”
Medium: Acrylic and Mica on Canvas
Size: 40cm x 60cm
The client wanted to capture the specific moment the sun rises or sets behind the sacred mountain.
Title:  Biji’s Blessing
Medium: Textile, Oil, Gold/Silver Leaf on Canvas
Size: 40cm x 60cm
The textile border is a vintage textile handed down from the client’s grandmother.  Typically, these borders are sewn into saris or other ethnic clothing, which is not worn as often in the USA.  Applying the textile as part of the painting composition allowed for the preservation of the grandmother’s memory; as well as a contemporary take on an old tradition.
Title: Ansu’s Garden
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40cm x 60cm
The bride wanted the colors and memory of her wedding preserved.  After sending me photos of her wedding decor, and discussing colors, flowers and the romantic nature of the relationship – a whimsical composition of the wedding eve, the romanticism of the full moon, with her flowers on the chair and a pathway for the couple to start their new life together.