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The Masters

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The Art of the Japanese Brush

Art has so many different forms across the world.  Major types of mediums familiar to Western cultures, include oil, pastels, watercolor, acrylic and graphite (drawing).  In Japan, one of the most popular and historical mediums is known as ink brush painting. Referred by many as "ink and wash" painting, it is an East Asian art originating in China.  Commonly known as Sumi-E in Japan (in Japanese it is suiboku-ga), it is typically a wash with only black ink.  Black ink is combined with water at varying levels to produce different shades of grey.  Similar ink/brush painting is applied to the art of Calligraphy.  But, for the purposes of this post - I am only going to focus on Sumi-E.The Chinese name...

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The Masters as Sources of Inspiration

  Throughout history, there are many such examples. http://flavorwire.com/293497/10-famous-artworks-inspired-by-other-famous-artworks/10 To talk of a few in the contemporary art world include Andy Warhol's The Last Supper inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. Liechtenstein's 1992 painting Bedroom at Arles is a version of Van Gogh's original from 1888. [caption id="attachment_6473" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Roy LIchenstein Bedroom at Arles[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6474" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Van Gogh Bedroon at Arles[/caption]   Whether as parody or tribute, many artists have found inspiration in works that have come from others.  Even the "Masters" as evidenced by Claude Monet's Le dejeuner Sur l'herbe inspired by Edouard Manet's Le de-jeuner sur l'herbs. There is a sculpture by Tobias Stengel called Die Woge located in Dresden which commemorates the flooding of the Elbe River in 2002 that is taken from a wood...

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