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About Me

Rajul has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan, including the National Art Gallery in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in Ueno, the  Intercontinental Hotel In Osaka and the ANA Crowne Plaza hotel in Kobe.


“Earth and Sky” was chosen as part of the 82nd Annual Shinseisaku Exhibition at the National Art Gallery in Tokyo.   “Earth and Sky II” and “Grotto of Water Lillies” were chosen as part of the 49th Annual Genyouten Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ueno; where “Earth and Sky II” also received an honorary award from KusaKabe Paints.


Her works “The Shack”, “Memories of Hokusai II”, “Memories of Hokusai VI” and “Waters’ Gentle Weave” have been featured in the online exhibitions presented by Manhattan Arts International New York, New York. She has also exhibited her work at the India Art Festival in Mumbai, where her artwork was showcased in the Hindustani Times and Colour Canvas.


Rajul Shah was born in Mumbai, India, raised in the Northeastern part of the United States and currently has homes and studios in both the US and Japan. Her artwork is a blend of contemporary American dynamics and traditional Japanese simplicity. Integrating a variety of materials, including gold and silver leaf, acrylic and oil, Rajul creates paintings with radiant layers of color and light.


In Japanese tradition, painting is to express the “feeling” of its subject matter. Indian heritage points to the celebration of the human spirit.  Influenced by both philosophies, Rajul’s paintings offer introspection and a regeneration of the human spirit – peaceful moments from the daily chaos of life.


Rajul has been a student of the Nihonga Painting Master, Suiko Ohta, a 4thgeneration Sumi-E instructor whose family of painters have been recognized by Japan’s royal family.  She has supplemented her studio classes attending CE classes at the Tyler School of Art of Temple University’s Tokyo Campus.


Rajul’s paintings are in private collections in Japan, the USA, India and Australia. Paintings have also been publicly displayed in the corporate offices of Metlife Japan and San Mina Corp. in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan.


Her work is also available on Artsy represented by the Kitano Alley Gallery of Kobe, Japan (www.artsy.net/artist/rajul-shah-1).

Meditative Layers of Color and Light