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Each and every painting Rajul creates is one she herself finds inspiring as she re-creates her own experience of the moment as she is painting.
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Metallics & Me…

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Metallics & Me…

Being of Indian descent, I grew up in a culture that celebrates the brightness of color.  Gold and Silver, in jewelry or any other form, is considered an investment.   “Jewel tones” which allow for reflective qualities in fabric and paintings, have always excited me.  But, it is the underlying use of reflective metallic color that has always attracted me.  The use of gold, silver and other precious metals in threads to adorn a border, a sari or interweaved into an outfit give it an ethereal quality.  The use of precious metals to outline precious and semi-precious stones within intricate designs are truly works of art as the contrast of color between the stones and the stone and the metal are definite considerations so that when the particular piece of “art” is viewed, there is a feeling of Joy that goes with it.  Of course, one could argue that any precious metal and/or stone would bring joy to its owner – but it is my belief that the design of such things is what brings one to “Succumb”, to “Be Drawn into” the art of the textile or jewelry itself.  Forcing one’s eyes to “linger” for just that one last sigh or just those.. added.. few seconds….It is my hope that I can bring some of this quality forward in my artwork.  As such, I have been experimenting with the use of silver and gold…below is a metallic abstract I recently completed using 3 colors plus black, white, silver and gold.


And now…  I can’t wait to get back to my studio!



Until my next blog…

With PEACE. In ART. To the SOUL

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