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Each and every painting Rajul creates is one she herself finds inspiring as she re-creates her own experience of the moment as she is painting.
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Artistic Adventures

Experiences Inspiring the Creative Spirit…

Finding Time…

The irony of typing this blog is that I have to “find the time” to type it!  When I worked in corporate America, it was much easier to segment my time as I knew from “9 to 5” I would have the block of time to work.

Finding Time...

An Artist’s Reflection

 When I worked in Corporate America, “emotions” were not something a woman (or even a man) took the work with her.  Emotions had to kept in check, below the surface.  Assuming personal hardships were shared with a colleague – there would be empathy, sometimes advice – but always an opportunity to vent and share one’s troubles.  Still, there was work to do.  And one could not release these emotions in the daily duties of a corporate office.

An Artist's Reflection

Painters Playing with Photography

 Before I became a painter – my first love was photography.  I was 15 and visiting relatives in India one summer and I had two cousins who were photography hobbyists.  Back then photographers used film and one had to wait for prints to come back before you were able to see if your experiments worked.  (Clearly, I am old enough to have used a film camera when I was a teenager)
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Finally – My “Style”

 Every successful artist has a “style”.  An identity that is communicated through the stroke of the brush, or the way they process their photos.  Ansel Adams was known for his black/white images of Yosemite National Park.  Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh are known as masters of Impressionism.  Even within that you can easily tell the difference between a Monet and a Van Gogh painting; As Van Gogh is known for his use of more distinctive broken color.