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Each and every painting Rajul creates is one she herself finds inspiring as she re-creates her own experience of the moment as she is painting.
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Metallics & Me…

Being of Indian descent, I grew up in a culture that celebrates the brightness of color.  Gold and Silver, in jewelry or any other form, is considered an investment.   "Jewel tones" which allow for reflective qualities in fabric and paintings, have always excited me.  But, it is the underlying use of reflective metallic color that has always attracted me.  The use of gold, silver and other precious metals in threads to adorn a border, a sari or interweaved into an outfit give it an ethereal quality.  The use of precious metals to outline precious and semi-precious stones within intricate designs are truly works of art as the contrast of color between the stones and the stone and the metal...

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The Element of the Artiste!

Recently, I have also had the fortune of meeting two artists whose works have given me much to ponder as I approach my own work.  Their use of metallics (albeit for different reasons) is refreshing and exciting.Aude de Saint-Exupery http://www.audedesaintexupery.com likes to work with a metallic palette as it reminds her of the sun and heat.  Her work is inspired by her travels and living in Africa, the Pacific Islands and in Asia.  She uses metallics to highlight a landscape and/or call attention to detail.   Another artist, Gwen Anderson, www.gwenchi.com incorporates silver leaf or aluminum leaf into her collections, which I find to be haunting and intricate.  Gwen's work is influenced by her experiences as a child, surviving a shipwreck along with her sister...

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The Sumi-E Influence

I have been studying the Japanese brush painting art of Sumi-E for the past 2 years with 3rd and 4th generation Japanese Sumi-E artists, Shoko and Seiko Ohta - a mother/daughter team. http://www.toriizakaart.com/Artists/ShokoandSuikoOhta/Available-Shoko-and-Suiko-Ohta/.  While Sumi-E is typically a black/white based art, the use of the brush to illustrate color is fascinating.  What I love most is the use of gold and silver metallics in the colored paintings.  I love way the gold and silver reflect light and highlight the paintings in a delicate, yet very bold manner.  I am finding ways to incorporate this with oil and having great fun! ...

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