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Each and every painting Rajul creates is one she herself finds inspiring as she re-creates her own experience of the moment as she is painting.
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About Me

From First Draft to Masterpiece

Born 1968 in Mumbai, India, raised in the USA and now living in Tokyo, Japan;  Rajul Shah retired from a 20-year career as a healthcare executive to pursue her passion in Art in 2012.
While living in Japan, Rajul has had the opportunity to travel other parts of Asia with her family.  Learning and experiencing other cultures has inspired Rajul to share such experiences with others.  Thus; Rajul integrates her passion for Travel and Cultural Curiosity with her passion for Art.  Her earliest inspirations include viewing photos of far-away places in magazines such as Life and National Geographic.  When she was 10 years old, she saw her first Monet and knew she wanted to learn how to paint.  When she was 12, she received her first Drawing Kit a gift from her parents and immediately started to learn how to draw.  When she was 15, she read the book The Joy of Digital Photography from cover to cover.  Always fascinated with the use of color, lines and composition in communicating emotions.  Sketching and Photography were hobbies pursued for years before her first formal classes in oil, photography and drawing.
Rajul’s artwork is influenced by her Indian heritage and time spent studying art in Japan.  The richness of India with it festive colors and the aesthetic use of space in Japanese Brush paintings influence creations that capture the memory, culture or spirit of a moment, time or place.
Rajul often sketches on location and brings her camera everywhere she travels.  She uses the images to capture moments of inspiration that will turn inspire her to paint afterward.
Rajul is the “Traveling Painter”.
Each and every painting Rajul creates is one she herself finds inspiring as she re-creates her own experience of the moment as she is painting.  She strives to capture the “Spirit” and enable inspiration for her collectors. Having worked for years with 3 children and large family, Rajul knows daily life can be chaotic, and stressful.  Just as creating the artwork offers her a peaceful break; so does her artwork allow the collector to escape the stresses of daily life – for a few, or many moments.
As such, there is an evolution of artistic expression as Rajul paints across mixed media to create radiant layers of color and light, integrating and blending a variety of materials, including acrylic, oil, gold, silver and copper.
(With) Peace… (In) ART… (To the) SouL.
1990 Drexel University – Bachelor of Science
2002 Fairleigh Dickinson University – Masters of Business Administration
2012 to present Temple University, Tokyo Tyler School of Art – Continuing Education
Studio Classes in Oil, Drawing, Nihonga, Photography

Luminous layers of color expressing the spirit of a Moment, Place, or Time.